Hello Steemit Introducing The @resteemmuse Created By @Sutter

Radio DJ’s are you on Steemit?

Daddy Kid fans are showing love for the new Power’s of Ten album created by the music producer @Sutter. 

Take a look at the song Thirsty. The #DTube10VidChallenge for Daddy Kid consisted of 10 lyric videos in ten days to successfully complete the challenge on D.Tube. The superstar mindset album canvases a number of genres in a single album. With EDM influences as well as hip hop influences stemming into a leafy green tree of an album. Getting into this bush league industry takes savvy and efforts. The request the efforts of a following and exceed excessive levels of trending was part mastermind of @Sutter. But, it could have never been complete without all those working to support the efforts alongside efforts of an independent going savage 100 for months. The social media family ideals of the new age are presented in a full length 10 song album by celebrity live streaming personality. Active responders can create amazing results when engaging in the sharing of links! The recreation of an artist complete with social media family #DaddiesKids, a song for content generators in Want To Smash, and the song Thisrty that was upvoted over two hundred times!


Steemit Trends To Reach One Million User Accounts

The key to the success of this song on the website Steemit?

There are over eight billion people living in the world today. How many have devices? The Steemit website has reported growth equating to over 1,000,000 user accounts on the popular collective of sites including but not limited to DLive.io, Steepshot.io, D.Tube, and many more. The popular acoustic guitarist songwriter CTSUTTER does continue to live stream his acoustic sessions! The fun on DLive in live stream has only just begun. Find @Sutter’s Guitar Session #1 (The link has been disavowed. Due to DLive migration to Lino Network access to the account was lost. /Sutter account is no longer accessible by Sutter. No further live streams will be created for the DLive platform due to loss of content and loss of access to account.)  on DLive playing live music an audience of Steemians live watchers. Is the key to success knowing all the right resteemers?


When in debate of resteemers and upvoters the idea to create one made perfect sense. Therefore, the @resteemmuse offers an insight for author @Sutter to offer the Steemian community.

“What’s it like to manage a resteemer?”

I’ve built a resteem account on Steemit @ResteemMuse

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