Rest In Peace Avicii

Rest In Peace Avicii

Is there a shock in the music industry? With all the insane news that arrives in the industry we should take a moment to honor a great DJ. There is sadness for some in the music world. The loss of a music producer that had a chance to make one more hot release. The last release of Avicii is something that the world may or may not come to hear. What can it tell us about the last of his time on Earth? Was his death not self inflicted and murder? There are some in the music industry like Daddy Kid whom released the Powers of Ten album in disbelief tonight. The news tells the people that it’s self inflicted. It’s a hard pill to swallow. The news reports suicide.

People please #DontLetGo!

Avicii  & Steve Aoki worked together and Steve is still with us. Watch this video below to enjoy the collaboration.



“Let your soul shine bright like diamonds in the sky. DON’T LET GO!”

Use the hashtag #DontLetGo if you vow to do everything possible to attempt to live as long as humanly possible! Share your favorite Avicii song with the hashtag! Join a movement of improvement. Please don’t abuse drugs and alcohol. Thanks for reading on

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