The beef that started on the internet is headed to the professional boxing ring once again. This time it’s Jake Paul vs Aneson Gib. The beef that lured Logan Paul into a multiple of fights with KSI isn’t over yet. Fan selection of Jake Paul made offering to give the fans what they want. The man known as nose, for his large nose, is all that stands between Jake Paul and KSI.

How has Jake Paul prepared for the fight with Aneson Gib?

Jake Paul has blazed the trail to the sugar shack. Shane “Sugar” Mosley will appear in Jake’s corner on January 30th 2020 at the Meridian at Island Grand in Miami Florida. Dazn Network content has provided insights to the preperation that went into the fight aforehand. Sugar Shane Mosley mirrored the attacks of Aneson Gib while working with Jake Paul in the boxing ring. Jake Paul would get pointers from boxers like the once Jr. Golden Gloves National Champion Nikita Ababiy. Jake Paul has made statment that he is ready for the fight with Aneson Gib.

How has Aneson Gib made himself worthy of a fight with Jake Paul?

In the words of Logan Paul; “Let’s be honest. Who the f#@k is Aneson Gib?”

Aneson Gib may have won the fan selection for a very specific reason. Aneson Gib is a YouTuber from Saudi Arabia that is representing the United Kingdom in Thursday nights fight. KSI would make statment to an ultimatum fight. Whereas, should Jake Paul defeat Aneson Gib. Than, KSI would agree to another fight. Aneson Gib has elected the very same trainer as KSI in Viddal Riley. Logan Paul had two chances to box KSI. Aneson Gib is made worthy of the fight for two reason; fan appreciation rewarded by selecting the fighter fans selected to fight, and as a stepping stone to fight KSI. Aneson gives up a few pounds to Jake Paul. Aneson Gib weighed in at 188 pounds to Jake Paul’s 191.8 pounds. Tomorrow is the big show!

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What time are the fighters walking out to the ring?

There are three belts on the line Thursday night January 30th 2020. The Jake Paul vs Aneson Gib fight expects to begin the ring walk around eleven PM Eastern Standard Time.

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