Find Radio DJs New Years Day Music Releasing January 1st 2018

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Who will be in the lead come January 1st 2018 with new music released New Years Day? It’s the question on everyones lips in the music industry approaching the new year. This website tells the story or artists with music fit for radio play and radio DJ’s alike. One artist known as Daddy Kid will be a strong contender in the battle for New Years Day’s hottest music released on iTunes, Apple Music, and Amazon. The Powers of Ten album sounds strong. Disc jockeys can cash in on a free download offer created by the independent recording artist living in New Jersey. All you have to do is follow @KingDaddyKid on Instagram and send a direct message asking for the promotional code to get the free download. There are a limited number of promotional codes for the music. It’s a first come first serve contest. For those hopefuls that don’t win they can still purchase the on iTunes, Apple Music, and Amazon.

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